How to view data usage of devices enrolled in Knox Manage


Knox Manage (KM)


This knowledge base article describes how you can take advantage of Knox Manage (KM)'s robust features to track mobile and Wi-Fi data consumption on your fleet of devices.

With KM, you can view how much mobile data a user has consumed, or how much data a user has uploaded and downloaded through Wi-Fi. You might choose to apply device policies according to these data metrics.

NOTE—While you can track the general trend of a user's data consumption, KM cannot guarantee total accuracy of the reported metrics.

How do I view the amount of data a user has consumed in Knox Manage?

  1. In your KM console, in the left navigation bar, select Device.
  2. Under Device Name, select a device to view its data consumption.
  3. On the Device Details page, select the Network tab.

You can then see the Wi-Fi Transfer Data and Network Transfer Data:

  • In — downloaded data
  • Out — uploaded data

How do I download a report with mobile and Wi-Fi usage for all my devices?

To create and download a data usage report for your devices:

  1. In your KM console, in the left navigation bar, select Advanced > Report.
  2. Click Add to create a report.
  3. Fill out the Report Name and Report ID fields.
  4. Under Report Queries, select Device Details Information.
  5. Under Output Fields, click Add.

In the Add Output Field dialog box, ensure you select the Field Names as shown:

      6. Click Save.
      7. Click View to see your generated report.

NOTE—You may also export the data usage report as a CSV file.