How to prevent a User ID set in Knox Mobile Enrollment from being modified in Knox Manage if enrollment fails


  • Knox Manage (KM) agent version 19.12( and earlier
  • Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME)


When you enroll a device in Knox Manage (KM) through KME with a KM agent version of 19.12 ( or earlier, KME pushes the User ID and password to the device, triggering enrollment in the KM agent. The enrollment process may be interrupted if there are network connection issues (i.e. Wi-Fi is turned off during enrollment).

If the enrollment process is interrupted, the User ID set in KME is not enforced, and the device user is prompted to enter a User ID. The user is able to input any User ID, even if it does not match the one specified in KME.

How do I prevent a user from modifying a User ID set in Knox Mobile Enrollment if Knox Manage enrollment fails? 

In KM agent versions higher than 19.12, you can ensure that the User ID pushed from KME is enforced even if the enrollment process is interrupted.

To prevent the User ID from being modified, update the JSON file with the text below:

{"TenantId":" YOUR_TENANT","TenantType":"M","AllowModifyUserId":"Disallow"}

Additional information

For more information on how to set up a KME profile for Knox Manage, go to the Knox Manage admin guide.