Cannot update internal app in Knox Manage


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  • Android Legacy


Some customers are experiencing an issue where they are unable to install an updated version of an internal app that has a different version code.

The following error appears in the Knox Manage agent:

Failed to install the app


An Android application uploaded to Knox Manage must have the same signature as the previous version, even if the version code is changed.

While the error does not appear in the Knox Manage console, it can be seen in the device dumpstate:

PackageManager: Package "name" signatures do not match previously installed version; ignoring!


You must unassign the old APK file from the organization or group the device is assigned to, send the Uninstall App command to the device, then assign the updated APK file to the organization or group.

NOTE— If the application settings were configured to delete the application upon device unassignment, then you do not need to send the Uninstall App command.

Additional information

For steps on how to assign applications in Knox Manage, see the Knox Manage admin guide.