How to add bookmarks into Chrome with Knox Manage's Managed Configuration


  • Knox Manage (KM)
  • Google Chrome


This article will guide you through the steps to add browser bookmarks to Google Chrome through KM's Managed Configuration. These bookmarks are different from the bookmarks set in Knox Manage profiles, which create shortcuts on the device's home screen.

How do I add bookmarks into Google Chrome with Managed Configuration?

To add bookmarks into Google Chrome with Managed Configuration, the devices must first be enrolled in an Android Enterprise environment.

  1. Add and approve Google Chrome as an application from the Managed Play Store.
  2. On the Assign Application page, under Android Enterprise Settings, go to Managed Configuration > Set Configuration.
  3. Create a name for the Managed Configuration, then enter your bookmarks under Managed Bookmarks.

Below is an example of the string to enter when creating bookmarks:

[{"toplevel_name": "Managed Bookmarks"}, {"name": "Samsung Knox", "url": ""}, {"name": "Knox Partner Program for Developers", "url": ""}, {"children": [{"name": "Samsung", "url": ""}, {"name": "Samsung Store", "url": ""}], "name": "Samsung links"}]

Entering this string will create four bookmarks for Samsung Knox, Knox Partner Program for Developers, Samsung, and Samsung Store in the Managed Bookmarks folder in Google Chrome.

Additional information

To learn more about Managed Bookmarks, see Chrome OS policies.