Unable to load device list in Knox Manage (Error Code: 500)


Knox Manage (KM)


Some users are encountering an Error Code: 500 when loading the device list in Knox Manage.



An update to the Device list in KM v19.9 is causing an Error Code: 500 to appear for some users.

When the KM team releases a new version of the client, the corresponding files in the backend are updated. If your browser continues to show the older, cached version of these files, this can cause issues with KM admin portal functionality.


The Knox Manage team is currently working on a fix for this issue.


Two workarounds have been identified:

  1. Clear your browser's cache and cookies.

If you are experiencing this error after a KM update, in your browser, clear the cache and cookies. Then, on the device you are using to access the KM admin console, reload the Device list. The Error Code: 500 will be resolved.

NOTE - Running KM in your browser's private mode can also temporarily bypass the error, but you need to clear the cache and cookies to apply this workaround.

  1. Reset the column settings in the Device list.

In the KM admin console, in the Device list, select Revert Column Settings to manually reset the column settings. This refreshes the column view and resolves the error, but also clears your Device view settings.

NOTE -  Except for Device view settings, using this workaround maintains any browser-specific KM user settings stored in your browser cache data.