How do I integrate Knox Manage with Knox Mobile Enrollment?

Go to the Knox Mobile Enrollment User Guide for detailed information on how to integrate this service with Knox Manage.

You will need to enter the following data during the setup process:

MDM Server URI

  • Asia —
  • US —
  • EU —

Depending on the tenant, you may have to change the domain URI. Refer to your prefix server address of the Knox Manage Admin Portal, and then enter that value in the MDM Server URI. For example, if your server address is, your MDM Server URI should be


  • Asia —
  • US —
  • EU —

Custom JSON data

{"TenantId":"YOUR_TENANT", "TenantType":"M"}

  • TenantId refers to the name of your Knox Manage company account. It occurs after @ in your Knox Manage Username.

For example, your JSON data entry may look like this:

{"TenantId":"", "TenantType":"M"}