Contact icon is wrong in Multi-App Kiosk mode


  • Knox Manage (KM)
  • Multi-App Kiosk mode
  • Devices running Android N and below


On Android N devices and below, some users are reporting that the Contact icon is displaying incorrectly in Knox Manage (KM)'s Multi-App Kiosk mode.


On devices running Android N and below, the Dialer app exists in the Contacts app ( as an Activity instead of a separate package ( As a result, the Dialer and Contacts app use the same package name,

When KM sends the Kiosk app list to the device, it selects the apps to display by package name. If the Contacts app is registered, the Dialer icon then appears as the default icon for


The KM team is aware of the issue and is currently investigating. For devices running Android N and below, KM must implement a search method that includes both package and class names to ensure the icons are displayed correctly.