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Knox Manage key strengths

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Easy creation of launcher applications with Kiosk Wizard

Knox Manage provides Kiosk Wizard, that helps you set up devices to display only specific applications, widgets, and notifications. You can configure Kiosk devices to perfectly fit your work and service.

Quick troubleshooting using Knox Remote Support

Knox Manage provides Knox Remote Support to solve any device or application issues quickly and precisely. Knox Remote Support also helps prevent the same issues from arising again through analyzing the logs.

Optimal management of OS versions using E-FOTA

Knox Manage enables wireless firmware management using Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air (E-FOTA). E-FOTA helps resolve security risks for vulnerable OS versions and guarantees compatibility between software developed in the company and any new OS versions.

Integrated management of Android Enterprise devices

Knox Manage provides a full management service for any type of Android Enterprise device. You can save service support costs through the easy assignment of policies, applications, and the latest updates.

Optimized Knox Manage admin portal

The user interface of the Knox Manage admin portal is designed to be administrator-centric. You can easily monitor the security status of enrolled devices and quickly collect information needed for prompt action.

Support of differentiated Samsung Knox

Knox Manage supports the latest firmware of Samsung Knox, the mobile enterprise security platform embedded into Samsung Galaxy devices. In addition, Knox Manage fully supports the latest Knox APIs.

Effortless content management

Knox Manage comes with the ability to upload and distribute images, documents, audio, and even videos. You can set the distribution target from a single user or device to groups or organizations. Moreover, the Content Delivery Network (CDN) allows you to distribute content more quickly and safely and reduce the data transfer load.

Bulk device enrollment and application assignment

Knox Manage provides the means for the easy and quick mass enrollment of mobile devices through Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) for Android devices or the Automated Device Enrollment (ADE) for iOS devices. In the case of iOS devices, Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) is also available to help conveniently assign the desired applications.

Easy initial setup with the Getting Started guide

Knox Manage provides the Getting Started guide which outlines the process for initial environment setup. By following the guide, you can become proficient at adding users, enrolling devices, and applying policies promptly.

Strong data protection

Knox Manage has incorporated top-level security requirements since the initial design process in order to protect corporate data from possible data security threats:

  • All data between the server and mobile device is encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-256.
  • Two-factor authentication is supported through applications and communication based on security certificates.

Storage of device analysis data

In addition to monitoring devices in real time, Knox Manage also provides audits. You can check events that occur in the system, applied policies, tampering and compliance violations, etc., and take appropriate actions against them.

Direct Boot enabled

Knox Manage supports Direct Boot on Android 7 and higher devices. Knox Manage is executed after the user reboots the device and before the device is unlocked. The commands that can be executed before unlocking are limited.

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