Integration with Managed Service Provider

Starting with this release, Knox Manage (KM) is now included as one of the services available from within Knox Cloud Service's (KCS) Managed Service Provider (MSP). This integration with the KCS common services allows a unified customer management experience, so that KM now works within the same framework as other Knox services such as Knox Portal and Knox License. KM users have a Samsung Account like all other KCS components, but does not have its own Samsung admin portal. This change means that user application approval happens within the Knox portal.

The following KM functionality is available from within MSP:

  • Add KM Customer — MSP can add a new Knox Manage customer from within the MSP portal. When adding a new customer, the MSP can provide all necessary and mandatory KM information such as customer ID, organizational information, and any other information needed to onboard the customer. By default, when adding a new customer, the customer's access permissions are set to No access, meaning the customer cannot access the KCS portal and is fully managed by the MSP. The MSP can change this permission to Full access, meaning the customer can access the KCS portal and is jointly managed by the MSP.

  • KM SSO login from the MSP console — Users of the MSP portal can now access the KM portal with their single sign-on login credentials. To access the KM portal, go to left hand navigation menu > Customers > List of customers > click Active to open the KM portal in a new browser tab.

  • Change customer access permissions — MSP users can also change the access permissions for KM customers from within the MSP portal. Note that MSP cannot change the access permission for a Full access customer into a No access customer. Once the access permissions are changed, the customer receives an email notification with details about the change as well as complete Knox portal registration information that they can use to log in to the MSP portal.

  • KM MSP delink — Fully managed customers who have access to the MSP portal and jointly manage their account can also request to revoke the access rights of the MSP to their account. This request is known as a delink MSP request. Once the request is accepted, the MSP does not have access to the customer's account.

  • Migrate existing KM tenants — MSPs can also migrate existing KM customers to the MSP portal.

  • KM notifications on MSP console — Any notifications set up for customer accounts on KM are also shown on the MSP portal, including but not limited to: expired licenses, add new administrators, or add a new KM customer tenant. To view these notifications, on the MSP portal's left navigation menu, go to the Dashboard.

  • View KM and Knox Services license usage — MSPs can also view details of the Knox Manage and Knox services' license usage, such as:
    • Purchased seats
    • Remaining seats
    • Used seats of KM or KS
    • License key information

For detailed information about MSP and how to use its features, see Knox Managed Service Provider.