How to install a Knox Manage agent on iOS DEP/ADE devices when installation fails

For iOS devices enrolled through Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP), also known as Automated Device Enrollment (ADE), the Knox Manage (KM) agent is installed and automatically authenticated. When the KM agent is not installed on a device, policies can be applied to the device, but some features such as manual app installation and notifications are restricted.

First, diagnose whether either of the following scenarios prevented the device from enrolling:

  • The device user declined to install the KM agent or to sign into the App Store with their Apple ID.
  • The device user installed the KM agent through the Volume Purchase Program or downloaded it directly from the App Store. The installation failed because the authentication credentials were not transmitted.

To resolve either of the above scenarios, try the following resolutions:

  • On the KM console, send the Update Knox Manage Agent command to the device. This command sends both the KM agent installation and authentication credentials for enrollment at the same time. In addition, the device user is required to sign in to the App Store on the device with their personal Apple ID.
  • Make DEP enrollment mandatory. On the KM console, go to Device Enrollment > Apple DEP > DEP Server Setting > Set DEP Default Profile. Under Skip Settings, uncheck Apple ID.
  • Install the Knox Manage agent to devices by adding and assigning it as a Volume Purchase Program app.