What are the required applications to use Google Assistant in Knox Manage Kiosk mode?

Google Assistant requires 2 applications, "Google“ and "Google Assistant" and they must be added to KM Kiosk.

  1. Go to the KM Admin Portal > Application.
  2. Click Add and choose Public App to add each application:
    1. "Google":
    2. "Google Assistant":
  3. Select the Kiosk at KM Admin Portal > Kiosk menu.
  4. Select the Multiple App Kiosk app for your profile and click the Modify button.
  5. Add 2 apps to Preview and click the Save button.
  6. Go to KM Admin Portal > Device.
  7. Select the devices and run Device Command > Application > Install or Update App.
  8. Select Update App to update the Kiosk app.