How does DEP work for iOS?

To enroll iOS devices through DEP (Device Enrollment Program), follow these steps:

  1. Prepare DEP devices on Apple Business manager console (either by reseller or by Apple configurator), and make sure all existing content and settings are erased from the DEP devices.
  2. On the Apple Business Manager console, go to Devices, click the device > Edit Device Management and choose the Knox Manage server you want to assign.
  3. On Knox Manage admin console, go to Device Enrollment > Apple DEP > DEP Device Management > click Sync DEP to bring the devices into the KM console from the Apple Business Manager console. You can configure the DEP profile, device name, and enrollment method in advance using the DEP Server Setting menu. For more information see Use Apple Device Enrollment Program.
  4. On the device, run the setup assistant. The assistant allows you to configure the Remote Managements screen. It is important to sign in using your Apple ID during this process so that the Knox Manage agent is activated and all VPP apps are installed on the device.