Exit Kiosk mode

The following sections describe how to exit Kiosk mode.

Exit Kiosk mode with unenrollment

When a device on which a Multiple App Kiosk is running cannot be controlled because it has lost the connection with the server, the user can exit Kiosk mode with a pre-defined touch action configured when you create the Multiple App Kiosk in Kiosk Wizard. Please be aware that this action will cause unenrollment from Knox Manage. For more information about exiting the Kiosk mode, see Kiosk Wizard menu items.

Exit Kiosk without unenrollment

By sending a device command

For a device that is successfully communicating with the server, you can send a device command to exit Kiosk which enables the device to exit the Kiosk mode and be managed in the normal mode. To restore the device back to Kiosk mode, you must apply the profile again. For more information about sending a device command, see Sending device commands to devices.

By sending an exit Kiosk code

You can perform this procedure on all types of Kiosks (Single App, Multiple App, and Kiosk Browser) regardless of whether they're properly communicating with the server.

NOTE—This feature is only applicable to Kiosks created in v20.8 or later.

To exit Kiosk mode

  1. Provide an Exit Kiosk Code to the end user. You can get the code from Device Detail > Security > Kiosk Mode Status > Exit Kiosk Code.

    The code is randomly regenerated after it's applied to the device to prevent it from being used again without authorization from an IT admin.

  2. The user managing the Kiosk device must do the following:

    1. Tap the icon.

      NOTE—In the case of a Single App Kiosk, you'll need to tap the Home or Back button to make this icon appear. The icon disappears after 5 seconds of inactivity.

    2. In the "About Kiosk" screen, tap Exit Kiosk.
    3. Enter the Exit Kiosk Code.

To re-enter Kiosk mode

An IT admin must apply a profile update to the device.