Create a single app Kiosk

Create a Single App Kiosk by uploading a single APK file can be run in the Kiosk.

To convert an APK file into a Kiosk application, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Kiosk.

2. Click Add and click Single App Kiosk.

  • Application File: Click to select an APK file. When the file is registered, platform, version and package name are automatically entered.
    • Only Android applications are supported.
  • Name: Enter name for the Kiosk.
  • Integrity Validation: Select whether you want to validate the integrity of data with a cyclic redundancy check (CRC). A CRC determines the check value used to ensure that there are no errors in data sent through a network, and sends it along with the data.

3. Click Save.


When you register an application as a single app kiosk, Knox Manage AppWrapping might affect your app signing key.

If your apk is dependent on an app signing key, please revise the AndroidManifest.xml file as below and rebuild your apk.

1. Check whether it has category.HOME and category.DEFAULT. If not, please add it.

2. Add android:lockTaskMode configuration as below:




<!-- ... -->


3. Rebuild the apk and try to register as a single kiosk app.

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