Create a Multi App Kiosk

Create a Multiple Application Kiosks using the Kiosk Wizard. You can configure the multi-app kiosk with various applications and utilities as follows:

  • Utility: Folder, Banner, Text, Calendar, Cock, Bookmark, Dialer, and Content.

You can also configure the Kiosk by setting a policy in the profile. For more information, see Install a Kiosk application using a profile.

Create a Multi App Kiosk profile

To launch the Kiosk Wizard and create a new multi app Kiosk, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Kiosk.

2. Click Add and select Multiple App Kiosk.

3. Configure the Kiosk launcher using Kiosk Wizard in Add Kiosk window.

4. Click Save to generate an APK file.