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Last updated July 26th, 2023

To view how many devices can be registered to Knox Manage, you must aggregate all of the devices with the same license type. Each license has a different validity period, so the total number of devices you can register may differ, based on the validity period. Newly-purchased licenses and renewed licenses are also aggregated with the existing number of devices.

Aggregation of licenses within a license type.

The number of valid licenses for each device can be displayed on the dashboard by adding the Device List by License report to the dashboard. For more information, see View report details.

Get a Knox license

You need a Knox license to activate Knox services, including Knox Manage, on a device. Samsung’s web-based Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) system manages the entire lifecycle of Knox licenses including ordering, license generation, activation tracking, validation, and quantity checking. Starting July 1, 2021, Samsung provides you with Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) Premium — also known as Commercial — licenses at no cost.


Other Knox solutions such as Knox Dual Data-At-Rest (DualDAR) and Knox Universal Credential Management (UCM) are not affected by this policy change: they continue to be paid solutions.

See Knox licenses for information on how to obtain and activate a Knox license.

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