Configure the Keepalive settings

You can configure the Keepalive settings to check the connection between the Knox Manage server and the device. The Knox Manage server checks the connection between the server and the device at the set interval.

The Keepalive option helps IT admins to figure out what devices are not connected to the KM console (for any reason) by trying to establish a connection to the device. If the device is not answering for longer than a set period of time, its status changes to Disconnected. Once the device connects to the Internet again, the KM agent checks its status, and the Device Status changes to Enrolled.

NOTE—If a device does not communicate with KM services for longer then set period of time, its status changes to Disconnected. After the communication is established again, the status changes back to Enrolled. This option is needed to highlight the devices that are not communicating with KM, so that they are not automatically unenrolled from KM.

To configure the Keepalive settings, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Setting > Configuration > Keepalive.

  2. Click next to Keepalive to enable the feature.

  3. Select a target type between Global Setting and Set by Group/Organization.

    • Global Setting: Applies the Keepalive settings to all policies.
    • Set by Group / Organization: Applies the Keepalive settings to selected groups or organizations.
  4. Configure the Keepalive settings.

    • Keepalive Expiration (days): Select a period between 3 and 365 days. If there is no communication between the Knox Manage server and a device for the set period, it attempts to re-establish a connection directly. If the device still fails to establish communication, then its status changes to Disconnected.
    • Keepalive Interval (hours): Select a cycle to check the connection status by checking the last time the device and the server communicated.
    • Group / Organization: Click Select and select user groups or organizations to apply the Keepalive settings.
  5. Click Save.

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