Configure Android Enterprise environments

To use Android Enterprise devices, you must register Samsung Knox Manage as the EMM provider in the Google Play Console and configure the basic environment of Managed Google Play, which is the digital distribution platform for Android Enterprise.

To configure the Android Enterprise environments, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Setting > Android > Android Enterprise.
    NOTE—If an EMM provider is currently registered and you want to delete it, see Delete EMM provider information.
  2. Click Register EMM.
    • Click OK in the confirmation popup.
    • The Google Play Console opens.
  3. Sign in to the Google Play Console using your Google account.
  4. Create a Managed Google Play account and register Samsung Knox Manage as the EMM provider.
    • When registration is finished, the Managed Google Play account information and Google API settings show on the Admin Portal’s “Android Enterprise” page.
  5. On the “Android Enterprise” page of the Admin Portal, select the layout of Managed Google Play.
    • Basic Store Layout: When users access Managed Google Play on their devices, the applications are displayed without categorization.
    • Advanced Store Layout: When users access Managed Google Play on their devices, the applications are displayed in the categories you set when adding applications in Knox Manage.
      NOTE—You can configure the categories for the Managed Google Play layout in Application > Manage Category.
  6. Select the auto-update condition of the applications to be assigned to the devices.
    • Update on Wi-Fi only—The applications are automatically updated only when a Wi-Fi network connection is available.
    • Allow user to configure—The applications are updated only when the user authorizes the update.
    • Always auto update—The applications are automatically updated when any network is connected.
    • Never auto update—The applications are not updated.
  7. Click Add & Approve next to Knox Service Plugin Application.
    NOTE—To use the Knox Service Plugin (KSP) agent properly, you must update the Knox Manage agent to v19.12 or later. If the KSP agent is installed on a device with a version of Knox Manage agent lower than v19.12, you may not be able to receive app feedback in the event of policy changes. To use policies that were introduced in v20.6, you must update the Knox Manage agent to v20.6.
  8. Click Save.
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