Configure alerts

Customize the alerts of audit events. You can also modify the default settings for alerts, such as the level, and result.

To configure alerts, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to History > Alert.
  2. In the Alert List area, click Manage Alerts.
  3. On the Monitoring Alert Setting screen, select audit events you want to add from the audit event list and click Update.
    • To delete the selected audit events from the alert list, click the check box for the events, and then click .
  4. In the Selected Audit Event area, modify the level and result of the alerts if necessary.
    • Type—Select an alert type.
    • Level—In default, the alert level is set the same as the audit event level. Click the alert level and modify it. To receive an alert, the alert level must be set the same or lower than the audit event level. For more information about audit event levels, see Severity level.
    • Status—Select the audit event result to receive an alert for when the result is a success, fail, or for both.
    • NOTE—For Note 8 devices running the N OS, the Geofencing area radius size set in the admin console unit is recognized in miles not meters.
  5. Click Save.
  6. On the Save changes screen, click OK.

Event notification alert emails

KM allows you to configure notification emails to the IT admin when managed devices are unenrolled or disconnected from KM. This feature enables IT admins to manage their devices without needing to actively monitor them.

To set up notification emails, go to History > Alert > Email Alert Setting. You can configure the following options on this page:

  • Period to send email notifications
  • List of email addresses that should receive notification emails
  • Events that trigger the notification emails, such as devices unenrolling or disconnecting from KM