Assign internal applications

NOTE—To install internal apps in the work profile, you need a Knox Suite license. The only exception is that for devices of type Fully Managed with Work Profile that have Android P or later, a Knox Suite license is not required. Refer the following table for more info:
Type OS requirement License requirement
Work Profile Android O or later Knox Suite
Fully Managed with Work Profile Android O Knox Mange
Android P or later Knox Suite or Knox Suite
NOTE—This table shows support for installation of internal apps inside the work profile area of devices only. Installation of internal apps in the general area is supported for devices running Android O or later.

To assign added internal applications, complete the following steps:

1. Navigate to Application.

2. On the “Application” page, click the checkbox for the applications to be assigned.

3. Click Assign.

4. On the “Assign Application” page, configure the assignment settings.

  • Target Device: For Android internal applications, select the target device type.
  • Install Area (Android): Select the area where the application will be installed.
    • Android Enterprise: The designated installation area based on the device type is displayed. Installation in Work profile is available with Knox Suite license on Android O or higher OS.
    • Android Legacy: For Android Legacy with Knox Workspace devices, select the areas to install the application.
  • Install Type: Select the installation type.
    • Manual: Allow users to install the application manually.
    • Automatic (Removable): Set the application to be installed automatically. Users are allowed to remove the application.
    • Automatic (Non-removable): Set the application to be installed automatically. Users are not allowed to remove the application.
NOTE— The installation type may be designated depending on the target device type.
  • Text copy: Allow users to copy text in the application.
  • Screen capture (Android): Allow users to capture screens in the application.
  • Auto-run after Install (Android): Set to start the application immediately after installation.
  • Home Screen Shortcut (Samsung Galaxy device only): Add a shortcut for the application on the Home screen of the device.
NOTE— Once users delete the shortcut, it will not be added again.
  • Printing (iOS): Allow users to print the application screens.
  • Share list (iOS): Allow users to use sharing features while using the application.

5. Select the target type.

6. Search for the target groups/organizations and click the checkbox for the groups/organizations to assign.

7. Click Assign.

8. In the “Assign Application” window, view the assignment information and click OK.