Assign Google Play applications

To assign the added applications via the Google Play Store, complete the following steps:

1. Navigate to Application.

2. On the “Application” page, click the checkbox for the applications to be assigned.

3. Click Assign.

4. On the “Assign Application” page, configure the assignment settings.

  • Target Device: The target device type is designated as Android Legacy.
  • Install Area: The designated installation area is displayed.
  • Install Type: The installation type is designated as manual. Device users will install the application manually.
  • Auto-run after Install: Set to start the application immediately after installation.

5. Select the target type.

6. Search for the target groups/organizations and click the checkbox for the groups/organizations to assign.

7. Click Assign.

8. In the “Assign Application” window, view the assignment information and click OK.

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