Add public applications using Managed Google Play

To add a Managed Google Play (MGP) app from public Google Play:

  1. Go to Application, then click Add. The Select Application Type dialog opens.
  2. For the Platform, select Android & Wear OS. For Type & Source, select Public and Managed Google Play.
  3. Click OK. The Add Application page opens.
  4. Search for and select an app on the Google Play Store.
  5. Confirm your selection:

    • If the app was previously approved, click Select.
    • If the app wasn't previously approved, click Approve, then follow the on-screen instructions to choose the appropriate approval and email notification settings for the app. Click Done to select the app.

    The app configuration page opens.

  6. Configure the settings for the app:

    • Name — Enter the name for the app as shown on the device. The name doesn't need to match the app's title on Google Play.
    • Category (optional) — Select a category for the app. Click Manage Category to add or modify app categories.
    • Description (optional) — Enter a custom description for the app. By default, the description on Google Play is automatically provided.
    • Unassign Option (optional) — Select if you want to uninstall the app from the device upon unassignment in Knox Manage.
  7. Save the app:

    • Click Save to save the app and return to the app list.
    • Click Save & Assign to save the app and immediately assign the app to devices. For details on how to assign an app, see Assign Managed Google Play applications.