Add managed Google Play web application

KM now supports the web version of the Managed Google Play (MGP) app, using the Google Chrome browser. Note that before you allow the use of MGP's web version, you must approve the use of Google's Chrome browser. If Chrome isn't on the list of allowed applications, you cannot add MGP web app.

To add a new MGP web app, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Application page > click Add > click Select Application type > click Public App (Managed Google Play Private - Web). The Managed Google Play Web Apps page opens.
  2. On this page, enter the following information:
    • Title—Ideally, this title must match the app's title on the MGP store.
    • URL—This value is the web app's Google Play Store URL.
    • Display—Depending upon the app, you may choose to deploy it to run in either full screen, standalone, or minimal UI display.
    • Icon—If you want to use a custom icon for the app you are adding, click Upload icon and follow onscreen instructions to add the icon.
  3. Return to the Application page > select the newly added app > click Assign.
  4. On the Assign Application page, provide the following AE Settings information:
    • Installation Type—Select the appropriate installation type from Manual or Automatic. Even if you select the Automatic installation type, device users can choose to uninstall the web app.
    • Auto-run after installation—Select whether you want to auto-run the web app on the target device after it is installed.
  5. NOTE—When you assign a MGP web app, you must also assign the Google Chrome app at the same time. However, if the Chrome browser app is already assigned to the target devices then the IT admin can choose to not assign the Chrome browser app this time to avoid cumbersome duplicate settings.