Add an organization

Create a sub-organization in the parent organizations individually, or add a sub-organization by synchronizing organizations with the Active Directory (AD) or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) system.

IMPORTANT — Chrome OS organizations sync through the Google Admin console. You cannot add a Chrome OS organization on the KM console.

To add a sub-organization:

  1. Navigate to Organization.
  2. On the Organization page, click Add.
  3. On the Add Organization page, enter the following user information:
    • Parent Organization — Select the parent organization to add a sub-organization to.
    • Inheritable Profile — Displays the profiles inherited with the parent organization. If there are no inheritable profiles, None is displayed.
      NOTE — The applications assigned to the parent organization are inherited.
    • Code — Enter a new organization code that complies with the organization format.
      NOTE — Once the organization code is saved, you cannot change it.
    • Name — Enter a new organization name.
    • AD/LDAP Sync — Allow the creation of organizations from the ADor LDAP system. If AD/LDAPSync is selected, the existing organization information—including its sub-organizations—is synchronized from the ADor LDAP system and registered to the admin portal.
      NOTE — To create AD or LDAP organizations, you must connect AD or LDAP directory services with Knox Manage and add a sync service. For more information about adding a sync services, see Adding sync services.
    • License — Select the license type to be used for this organization—Knox Suite or Knox Manage. Select Knox Suite if you have a Knox Suite license and you want to use the same license to enroll this organization's devices to other Knox services included in Knox Suite.
      NOTE — With a Knox Suite license, only one license seat is consumed by each device (IMEI) regardless of how many Knox services (in Knox Suite) that device is enrolled in.
    • Android Manage Type — Select either Android Legacy or Android Enterprise as an enrollment type. If you select Android Enterprise, then you can also select whether to apply a Fully Managed with Work Profile profile type to the device.
    • Sub-Administrator — Select the administrators to manage the organization. If you log in to the Admin Portal for the first time as a super administrator, there are no sub-administrators registered to the Admin Portal. For more information on creating sub-administrators, see Adding an administrator.
  4. Click Save & Assign. The Save & Assign screen opens.
  5. Click Application > and then Profile or Content to select what to assign to the organization.
  6. When you've selected the profiles or content to assign to the organization, click Save to register the organization.