Add a sub-organization

Once your base organization is registered in your tenant, you may want to create additional subdivisions within the organization, also known as sub-organizations.

You can add a sub-organization manually to a parent organization or you can synchronize organizations with the Active Directory (AD) or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) system.

IMPORTANT — Chrome OS organizations sync through the Google Admin console. You cannot add a Chrome OS organization on the KM console.

To add a sub-organization:

  1. Go to Organization and click Add. The Add Organization page opens.
  2. Fill out the basic details about the organization:

    • Parent Organization — Select the parent organization you want to add a sub-organization to.
    • Inheritable Profile — This field displays the profiles that will be inherited from the parent organization. The sub-organization will also inherit any apps assigned to its parent. This field displays no inheritable profiles if there are none to inherit.
    • Code — Enter a unique organization code. For more information about what an organization code is, see What is the Organization Code while adding a new organization to the KM admin portal?

      IMPORTANT — Once you create the sub-organization, the organization code can't be changed.
    • Name — Enter a unique sub-organization name.
    • AD/LDAP Sync — Set to Enable to allow the creation of organizations from the synced AD or LDAP service. If enabled, the AD or LDAP service synchronizes organization data — including its sub-organizations — to your tenant. For more information about adding AD or LDAP as a sync service, see Adding sync services.
    • License — Select the license type you want to use for this organization — Knox Suite or Knox Manage. Select Knox Suite if you have a Knox Suite license and you want to use it to enroll this organization's devices in other Knox Suite services.

      NOTE — With a Knox Suite license, each device (IMEI) takes up only one license seat (activation) regardless of how many Knox Suite services each device is enrolled in.
    • Android Management Type — Select either Android Enterprise or Android Legacy as the Android platform. If you select Android Enterprise, then you can also select whether to apply a Fully Managed with Work Profile to the device.
    • Sub-Administrator — If needed, add one or more sub-admins to manage the sub-organization. For more information on creating sub-admins, see Adding an administrator.
  3. Save the sub-organization:

    • Click Save to register the sub-organization.
    • Click Save & Assign to register the sub-organization and immediately assign profiles, apps, or content to it.