Add devices to device groups

After creating a device group, you can add devices to the desired device group (if needed).

To add devices to a device group, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Groups.
  2. On the Group page, click a specific group name to add devices to.
    NOTE—The group type must be Device.
  3. On the Group Details page, click the Device tab.
  4. On the Device tab, click Add.
  5. On the Select Device screen, click the check boxes next to the device name to select devices to add, and then click Add. To delete the selected devices on the selected device list, click . To find the devices to select:
    • You can enter a name, IMEI, or tag in the keyword search.
    • You can apply filters. In the Selected Device area, click Select via Filter, and then configure the filters as needed. Filtered devices are added to the selected device list.
  6. >On the Add Device screen, click Yes.
    NOTE—To apply the changed group’s profile to the added or deleted user’s devices, select Yes.