Update Lock screen Message without changing Device Status

Last Updated: 07/05/2021


This knowledge base article provides a method to edit or send an updated message to a locked device without unlocking the phone.


Customers can use KG portal or Locking APIs to change/update the payment amount, due date, and provide additional information to a user with a KG locked device. This feature is useful to communicate with long term defaulters to update payment amount due and due date.

Updating Lock Screen Message through KG portal

This feature can be implemented through the KG portal or using KG APIs

Portal method:

  • Under Devices tab, select device whose Lock screen message has to be updated. The status of the device should be Locked.
  • Under Actions, select ‘Update Lock Message’, enter updated message text to be displayed on User device and click on ‘Update’
  • The new message is reflected on user device immediately.

API method: