SIM control

Set a default SIM control configuration

NOTE— This functionality is only available upon request. Please contact your Knox Guard administrator to enable this feature.
NOTE— For step-by-step instructions to apply this policy to selected user devices, go to: SIM control.

Create a default SIM control configuration to restrict default SIM functionality or lock the device. The default SIM configuration can be used consistently across deployments until specific modifications are needed for specific deployment objectives.

To set a default SIM control configuration for Knox Guard managed devices:

  1. Select Policies from the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Select SIM CONTROL.
  3. NOTE— A maximum of 5 SIM control policies can be added.
    NOTE— As of KCS 22.03, A new IMSI Lock menu is available under the SIM control page. This feature allows customers to enable or disable IMSI policies regardless of whether MCC/MNC information is provided
  4. Refer to the MCC and MNC fields to assess if a default Mobility Country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC) has been applied to uniquely identify the selected device’s mobile network carrier for SIM control restriction exclusion. Each mobile device carrier has their own unique MCC and MNC pair.
  5. Set the following restrictions for an unlisted MCC/MNC:
    • Make outgoing calls/Receive incoming calls — Select this option to restrict a selected device's ability to make/recieve a voice call.
    • Send or receive SMS/MMS/RCS — Select this option to restrict a selected device's texting capability.
    • Data usage — Select this option to restrict a selected device's ability to use data consumptive applications.
    • Apply the above restrictions when international roaming is in use — Select this option to restrict device voice, text and data usage when connecting to a mobile network in a country other than the device's original deployment country. This option is applicable to non-whitelisted SIMs in a dual SIM device only.
    • Lock device — Select this option to lock a device's SIM functionality. This helps prevent using unlisted SIM cards. If you select 'Turn on network registration verification', it further validates that a deactivated SIM card is not being misused by comparing the defined MCC/MNC of the network operator.
    • Turn on mobile number (IMSI) lock — Select this option to turn on the device's IMSI lock.
    • Turn on network registration verification — Select this option to turn on verified networks on the device.
  6. Advanced support methods menu is also displayed on SIM lock screen but it is centrally configured in Default lock screen.
  7. Primary support option is selectable. Choose from the drop-down menu to select a support option.
  8. Select SAVE to commit the default SIM control settings.