Access the Knox Guard console

Before using Knox Guard, several prerequisites permissions and privileges are required.

Enroll in the Samsung Knox portal

  1. Before you can access any Knox solutions, including Knox Guard, you need to have both a Samsung account and Knox Portal account.
    For steps on creating a Samsung account and Knox portal account, see Enroll in the Samsung Knox portal.
  1. Once you enroll, the Dashboard will be shown as below

  1. Go to the Knox Guard page and click GET FREE TRIAL and accept Terms and Conditions

  1. Once a KG Admin approves your request, the Pending status will change to Launch.

Account type

There are two account types in Knox Guard:

  • Normal: Accounts under the Normal account type will receive messages on the device lock screen instructing customers on how to unlock their devices.
  • PAYG: An ongoing subscription to use the device. Users will be reminded day(s) before the device will be locked.
NOTE - The default account type is Normal but customers can enroll in the PAYG account type through their Knox Guard administrator.

Launch the Knox Guard console

Once you acquire your Samsung account and Knox web portal permissions you need to send an E-mail to and request Knox Guard permissions. Once your Knox Guard account has been confirmed by the Knox team you will be able to access the Knox Guard login field within the Knox dashboard.

NOTE - Currently, Knox Guard cannot be used with other Knox services like Knox Configure (KC) and Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) with one account. A new account should be created exclusively for Knox Guard.
NOTE - Ports 443 and 80 must be open within your local network domain to reach Knox server resources.
  1. Log into the Samsung Knox Dashboard, and refer to the Knox Guard launcher under My Solutions.

  1. Select LAUNCH CONSOLE button from within the Knox Dashboard's Knox Guard field to access the console.