About Knox Guard's Offline Lock policy

Article ID: 360045856394| Last Updated: 04/08/2020


This knowledge base article provides a general overview of Knox Guard’s Offline Lock Policy, and answers some commonly-asked questions about this feature.

What is Knox Guard’s Offline Lock policy?

Knox Guard is a cloud-based service that allows carriers and financial institutions to remotely control and lock Samsung devices to reduce financial risk while offering customers flexible installment plans. It is essential for operators and financial institutions to be able to secure their devices when offering a long-term payment plan.

Starting from Android 9, Knox Guard's Offline Lock policy offers that security. This policy enforces an automatic device lock on devices that have been offline for a set period of time, while preventing call-only fraud. Even if an end user turns off mobile data or Wi-Fi, any device with overdue payments can be locked using Knox Guard.

This feature is especially important for operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), as the cost of their devices can be subsidized while ensuring that end users cannot use other carrier SIM cards with them.

How does Knox Guard’s Offline Lock policy work?

You can configure the Offline Lock policy from your Knox Guard console. Once the policy is enabled, you are required to set the following parameters:

  • Days offline: Enter a number between 3 and 200, indicating the number of days to wait before locking an offline device.

  • Warning notification: Enter text that will be shown to the user before locking an offline device. This text appears as both a notification and full-screen message.
  • Send warning message: Enter a number between 1 and 10, indicating how many days before device lock that the user will receive the warning notification.

  • Offline device lock message: Enter text that is displayed on the screen when the device is locked.
  • Contact information: Enter a phone number or e-mail address for the user to contact.

You can also configure the following options:

  • Advanced support methods: Review how additional support settings have been defined, and how apps have been made available on the device lockscreen.
  • Primary support option: Choose from the drop-down menu to select a support option.

How can I enable Offline Lock Policy in my Knox Guard account?

Currently, the Offline Lock policy is an optional feature of Knox Guard. Please contact your local Samsung Knox Guard administrator to enable it on your account.