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Knox E-FOTA Feature Highlights

Last updated July 26th, 2023





This knowledge base article highlights and explains several new features in Knox E-FOTA.

Registering your devices in Knox E-FOTA

You can add devices to Knox E-FOTA in three different ways:

  • Uploading directly to the Knox E-FOTA portal
  • Registering through Knox Deployment Program (KDP)
  • Registering through a UEM

Out-of-box experience

On devices running Android P and higher purchased through an official Samsung reseller, the Knox E-FOTA client app is automatically installed during the out-of-box experience.

Devices are onboarded to Knox E-FOTA without user intervention.


This feature is only available if your devices were registered through KDP.

Auto Firmware Subscription

When you create a campaign, default values are already set to streamline the creation process. Any values entered for the firmware installation period are validated through the Knox E-FOTA server.

Multiple-model update per campaign

You can now assign multiple device models with different firmware releases to a single campaign.

Push and poll

Ensure that campaign updates are quickly received by a device by either manually pushing the updates from the Knox E-FOTA server, or having the device poll the server for updates. The client app checks for and applies any changes that were not manually pushed.

Additional information

To learn more about Knox E-FOTA, see the Knox E-FOTA solution page.

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