Get access to the Reseller Portal

  1. Go to

  3. Under For Samsung device resellers, click APPLY NOW.

  4. Read the Notice screen, then click CONTINUE to begin your Knox Deployment Program application.
    • A screen displays cautioning that once you've registered for the Knox Deployment Program (KDP), you won't be able to register for Knox IT solutions such as Knox Configure, Samsung SDS IAM & EMM, Knox Mobile Enrollment and Knox Manage.

  5. Register for Samsung Knox web Portal by entering your business email, then click NEXT.
    NOTE — Personal email accounts (such as Yahoo and Gmail) are not permitted when registering for Samsung Knox portal web account.

  6. If you haven't yet signed up for a Samsung account, click Sign up here.

  7. Read the terms and conditions, then click AGREE to acknowledge you have read and agree to the following terms.

  8. Fill out the required fields and click NEXT to create your Samsung account.

  9. A notice screen will appear to inform you that an email will be sent to verify your email address. Click DONE.
  10. Follow the link in the email to verify your email and complete the registration process.
  11. Once approved, log into your Samsung Knox Dashboard.
  12. Under My Solutions, select LAUNCH CONSOLE to open the Reseller Portal console.