Manage Customers

Once you have logged into the reseller portal, you can add and manage customers from the Customers page.


The Customers page displays customer information. Additionally, resellers can add and manage customers while having the ability to log and archive customer information by exporting to CSV.

Review the following reseller customer information to determine whether additions or modifications are warranted:

  • COMPANY NAME — The customer's company name.
  • CUSTOMER ID — The customer's Knox Customer ID obtained by logging into the Knox Configure portal or from within the Knox Mobile Enrollment Portal.
  • COUNTRY — The customer's country.
  • LAST UPLOADED — The date of the last device was uploaded.
  • UPLOADS — Shows number of devices uploaded.
  • DEVICES — Summarizes devices registered with the company.
  • STATUS — Shows the customer's status.

Consider using the DOWNLOAD CUSTOMERS AS CSV function of either the main customer screen or from an individual selected customer screen to archive important customer Reseller Portal activity data in a CSV file format.

Customer details

View customer details

  1. Log in to the Knox Reseller Portal.
  2. Click on the Customers tab.

  3. Under Company name / Internal reference, select a target customer link.

The customer detail page provides information available in the customer summary page, with additional details on UPLOADS and DEVICES.

Edit customer internal reference

  1. Log in to the Knox Reseller Portal and click on the Customers tab.

  2. Under Company name / Internal reference, click on a customer name link.
  3. Select Edit.
    • Optionally update the Internal customer reference to something more relevant as a customer search string.
  4. Click Save.

Search for customers

Efficiently search for customers using the Search feature located on the, left-hand, side of the Customers screen.

Search by entering the company name or customer ID. Clear the filter by clicking on the cancel icon on the search bar.

Add customers

  1. Log in to the Knox Reseller Portal and click on the Customers tab.

  2. Select the ADD CUSTOMER button from the top, right-hand. side of the screen.

  3. Enter the following information: to create a new reseller customer account

    • Knox Customer ID — Customers can find their Knox Customer ID by logging into the Knox Configure portal, hovering over their username and clicking Settings. Within the Knox Mobile Enrollment portal, the Knox Customer ID can be located within the RESELLERS > Register resellers screen.
    • Internal customer reference — Assign an additional customer reference ID to make it easier to search and browse for customers. When exporting customer data to CSV, the generated CSV file contains a Company Name / Internal Reference column just like the Customers screen.
  4. Click SUBMIT.

Export to CSV

Optionally export the customer summary for logging and archiving:

  1. Log in to the Knox Reseller Portal.
  2. Select the Customers tab.
  3. Select the DOWNLOAD CUSTOMERS AS CSV button located on the top, right-hand, side of the screen.