Knox Configure Accessories

Knox Configure Accessories are NFC accessories for devices that are enabled by Knox Configure profiles. This feature allows easy KC enrollment and profile configuration through accessory pairing. With Knox Configure Accessories, accessory manufacturers and Samsung partners can easily implement accessories to instantly configure devices. Knox Configure Accessories send a code to devices that are associated with a configured profile, and then enroll the device, independent of the device’s upload status on the Reseller Portal. Examples of accessories include phone cases and NFC cards. This feature is available for devices running Android 10 and higher.

KC Accessories workflow.

To set up an accessory profile:

  1. Create a new profile. Fill the required fields, which include Device level, Knox version, Profile name, and so on.
  2. At the bottom of the Profile information page, under Accessory for enrollment, click ADD ACCESSORY.
  3. KC add accessory button.

  4. In the Generate UID dialog, fill the Accessory type, Total serial number quantity, and Total permitted quantity of devices with serial numbers fields, and then click Confirm. The console returns to the Profile information page.
  5. KC generate UID screen.

  6. (Optional) Repeat steps 1-3 and generate up to 5 accessories for enrollment.
  7. Select the license you want to use from the License menu. If you want to add a new license, enter the License name and License key, and then click Add. Note that if there’s a mismatch between the profile and device, the device user will see an error message during the pairing process. To prevent an error, ensure you have the proper accessory UID.
  8. Popup to enter license key.

    Filled license key field

  9. Next, to download the accessory UID files, select DOWNLOAD next to each file name. These files download as XLS files.

The profile parameters are available on the downloaded XLS spreadsheet. If you are not a manufacturer and an independent IT admin, you will send the file to a manufacturer who is a Samsung Accessory official partner. The manufacturer is responsible for importing the file into the accessories.

Once you receive your accessories back from the manufacturer, the pairing process is as follows:

  1. The device user pairs the NFC accessory with their device.
  2. The device will start with the KC splash screen.
  3. The device will check and see if there is a match. If no error exists, then it will start the KC configuration setup.