Samsung Kids mode

Samsung Kids mode help make mobile devices kid friendly by blocking content and providing apps and features to safely engage them with the digital realm.

Samsung Kids app

Samsung Kids (SK) is an in-built environment available on all Samsung devices running Android 9 OS and higher. It is easily accessible through the Quick Panel dropdown and can be pinned to the home screen. It helps parents set time limits on device usage, provide limited access to contacts and apps, and provides a child friendly camera and internet. There is a set of apps and games available for Kids to use. To exit the Samsung Kid mode, parent has to input a password.

Samsung Kids customization features

IT admin can do following customizations for Samsung Kids:

  • Set home screen wallpaper
  • Customize application name and icon
  • Set playtime limit
  • Add birthday card
  • Add application allowlist to include approved apps
  • Add browser bookmarks
  • Add list of allowed websites

Creating a Samsung Kids mode profile

NOTE—Samsung Kids (SK) is only available on phone or tablet devices, not on wearables.

A Samsung Kids (SK) profile creation is similar to Normal mode. Follow that page for information on non-SK settings.

After selecting Samsung Kids mode in either the Setup or Dynamic edition, do as follows:

  1. In the side navigation, click Profile.
  2. In the top-right, click CREATE PROFILE.
  3. Select Phone or tablet as device type.
  4. Select whether you want a Setup edition profile or a Dynamic edition. See this page for more info on the differences between the two.
  5. Lastly, select Samsung Kids mode as the configuration and click NEXT.
  6. Configure the customization features described earlier in the Samsung Kids customization features section.
  7. You can configure other non-SK features similarly as described in Normal mode.
  8. Optionally you can upload a custom APK and add SK layout in the Application and Widgets section.
  9. After KC configuration in the Out of Box Enrollment (OOBE) environment of the device, the Samsung Kids environment is automatically launched and the screen to set the PIN code is displayed. After setting the PIN code, Samsung Kids launches. The parents can set the playtime or other restrictions of Samsung Kids environment through the PIN code or use it to exit from Samsung Kids.
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