Information about using Enterprise Edition devices with Knox Configure


  • Knox Configure (KC)
  • Enterprise Edition (EE) device


The following will outline some general information about using Enterprise Edition devices with Knox Configure.

How do I upload and configure a profile to an EE device in KC?

Uploading and assigning EE devices in KC works the same as non-EE devices.

One distinguishing detail is that when an EE device is uploaded, it will automatically have an Enterprise Edition tag appended to them.


Important Updates
  • Starting June 17th, 2021, EE devices no longer require a KC EE specific license key. They can now be assigned a regular KC license.
  • Starting August 1st, 2021, EE Licenses will no longer be able to be generated in

EE devices no longer require a KC EE license key. Assigning an EE device will work the same as non-EE devices and can use the same licenses.

If you still have a KC EE legacy license key, EE devices released before August 1st, 2021 can still be assigned the EE legacy license key. EE devices released after August 1st, 2021 cannot be assigned an EE legacy license key.

See more information about license key management in KC here.

If you encounter an error with assigning an EE device, please submit a support ticket from your Knox User Dashboard. Ensure you include the information below:

The Knox customer ID of the account

The error message

Any license specific information related to the issue