Knox Configure compatibility with Samsung devices


  • Knox Configure (KC)


Some administrators are reporting that their Samsung device is not working with Knox Configure. Certain Samsung devices that are incompatible with the Knox framework are supported on KC with limited functionality.

The following KC features are unavailable for non-Knox enabled devices:

  • Auto power on
  • Disable Camera
  • Disable USB classes
  • APN setting
  • Disable OMC mode
  • SIM lock PIN
  • Kiosk mode and device lock
  • Wi-Fi APN provisioning
  • Power off/Restart dialog boxes

How can I find out if my device runs Android Go? 

To see which devices are incompatible with Knox, visit Devices secured by Knox:

  • Under Knox version, N/A (One UI Core device) is shown.
  • Under Knox version, N/A (Android Go device) is shown.

If your device is missing from the list, the device is unsupported by KC. 

How do I set up my non-Knox enabled device in Knox Configure?

If Knox is incompatible with your device, when creating your KC profile, ensure that you have selected Other Samsung devices under General information Device level.

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