Application certificate error 4000203 occurs when uploading application to Knox Configure


  • Knox Configure (KC)


Some administrators are encountering an issue when uploading applications to KC. Uploading APK files signed using the APK Signature Scheme V2 to KC results in the error:

The application certificate is invalid.[4000203]


The APK Signature Scheme V2 does not generate the cert.rsa/cert.dsa file inside the META-INF folder. The application upload fails because KC looks for the cert.rsa/cert.dsa file to verify the APK, and the file does not exist.


This issue was resolved in the KCS 1.31 release on May 20th, 2020. If you continue to experience the 4000203 error when uploading applications to KC, please submit a support ticket through your Knox dashboard.


When uploading an application to KC, sign the APK file using APK Signature Scheme V1.