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For articles concerning account issues or changes, see the Knox cloud services FAQ.

General articles

Cannot set home and lock screen for foldable devices in Knox Configure

Custom watchface is not applied after a software update

Information about using Enterprise Edition devices with Knox Configure

Cannot push profile to a device with "Profile assigned" status in Knox Configure

Device not found when performing bulk actions in Knox Configure

"Launch immediately on every boot-up" feature is delayed in Knox Configure

Device shows battery life over 85% with Knox Configure's "Extend battery life" policy applied.

Screen timeout set in Knox Configure is not shown in device settings

Device enrolled in Knox Configure not booting correctly

Cannot download Galaxy Themes on Knox Configure device

Profile and device country do not match in Knox Configure

Custom booting animation and sound file set in Knox Configure are unsynchronized

Initial booting animation does not change after custom boot animation is set in Knox Configure

Device connected to power source constantly reboots when "Power on the device when connected to a power source" is enabled in Knox Configure

Unable to change app icon of custom app

Knox Configure: Experience app

Knox Configure client crashes during ProKiosk enrollment

Cannot invite administrator to Knox Cloud Services

User is blocked from accessing device when unassigning it from a Knox Configure profile

Known issues

The articles below contain known issues that have an upcoming fix scheduled for a future KCS update. The expected release dates are subject to change. Please check back periodically for updates on the release.

Application certificate error 4000203 occurs when uploading application to Knox Configure

Wearable device is unable to connect to a specified Wi-Fi network after password is updated

How-to articles

How to set the MAC address as Phone MAC in Knox Configure

How to use the Activate Knox License Feature

How to disable Google Voice Assistant with Knox Configure

How to factory reset a device managed in Knox Configure

How to change configured devices to a different license key in Knox Configure

How to decrease profile size in Knox Configure

How to set up MS Teams Walkie Talkie with Knox Configure

How to set custom launcher app with navigation bar in Knox Configure

How to set custom icon for browser bookmark using Knox Configure

How to prevent Knox Configure client app from copying to new device during data transfer

How to check if the Prevent applications from being stopped policy is enforced on an app

How to restrict a user from sharing device data with Knox Configure

Common 51010 error causes

The articles listed below are common scenarios that users have experienced. For more information, find the error under configuration errors or submit a support ticket from your Knox User Dashboard.

An error occurred with addAppPackageNameToWhitelist: and

An error occurred with setSealedHomeActivity: applicationPackageName in your profile

Cannot set background image (Failed to configure | 51010)


Custom Boot and Shutdown Animation - Knox Configure for Wearables User Guide

KC China

The articles below only affect the KC China region. There are three KC servers globally: US, EU, and China. The KC China region is maintained separately so behaviors in this region can differ.

How to sign up for Knox Configure China

Unable to invite a new administrator to Knox Configure China

Uploading an application to KC fails with a 400003 error

How to create a device animation request