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Enroll a device using a Knox Configure Accessory

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Knox Configure Accessories are NFC accessories that you can use to configure a device with a Knox Configure profile.

Using a Knox Configure Accessory, you can enroll devices that weren’t uploaded by your reseller. This functionality makes it easy to apply custom device branding with an accessory such as a phone case, NFC card, or Buds case.

To enroll a device using a Knox Configure Accessory:

  1. Connect the accessory to your device using NFC. Connect a phone case accessory by putting your device in the case and NFC cards and Buds cases by holding them to the back of your device.

  2. If your device has already been configured using an accessory, you’re prompted to delete the current accessory and configuration. This will return your device to its default state.

    Once your device has removed the previous accessory and configuration, connect the new accessory to your device again like in step 1.

  3. The accessory launches the Knox Configure enrollment screen. Accept the Samsung terms and conditions as well as any custom terms and conditions and start the configuration process.

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