Why is the WKC client app not automatically updating my wearable device when a push update is sent?

This may be due to a failing app assigned to the profile.

To troubleshoot this issue, begin by viewing the device log for error details:

  1. Go to Devices, and click on the DEVICES tab.
  2. Check the status of the target device to identify if the device failed to receive the push update.
  3. Select the target device.
  4. Click ACTION > View device log to identify the app or setting that may have caused the error.

Refer to the Knox Configure for Wearables Admin guide for additional guidance on configuration errors. 

Once you've identified the app or setting that caused the error:

  1.  Go to Devices, under the DEVICES tab.
  2. Click on the target device's assigned profile.

From the Profile configuration dashboard:

  • Click APPLICATIONS or DEVICE SETTINGS to remove any settings or app from the profile which may have triggered the failure to update.
  • Update the profile with a valid app.
  • Push the update again.
  • For more information: