Device details and logs

Each Knox Configure managed device has its own unique device details screen and device log that can be periodically reviewed to assess a selected device's current configuration and event history.

To review a particular device's details and log:

  1. Select Devices from the left-hand navigation menu and select the DEVICES tab.
  2. Refer to the DEVICE ID column and select the link of a listed device.

    Device details slideout

  3. Refer to the following information for the selected device:

    • Profile — Lists the name of the selected device's assigned profile. EDIT allows you to switch profiles and licenses, but will require action on the end users device. To review Knox Configure profile in formation in greater detail, go to: Create profiles.
    • License — Displays the license this particular device is utilizing. The license name displays as a link that can be selected to review license details. For more information, go to: License management.
    • Service end date — Lists the Knox Configure service end date under the terms of the listed license and its activation date.
    • Service start date — Lists the date the device was added as a Knox Configure managed device.
    • Tags — Lists any existing tags applied to the selected device. Tags allow the categorization organize and search for devices. If a device is an Enterprise Edition (EE) device, then an Enterprise Edition tag will display here. If required, select Add a tag to apply a new tag to this device. Admins can specify up to 5 separate tags for each device uploaded in a CSV file.
    • Modified — Lists a data stamp when the selected device last had a configuration or profile update.
    • Custom ID — ID mapped to IMEI or SN that apps deployed through KC can use to verify the device. For more information, see: Map devices to Custom IDs in bulk.
    • Device SN — Lists the serial number for the selected device
    • Model — Lists the model designation applied to the device upon assignment of the device's profile.
    • Knox version — Collected during enrollment for new devices or updated during agent update for existing devices.
    • OS version — Collected during enrollment for new devices or updated during agent update for existing devices.
    • Type — Lists the type of the selected device.
    • Upload ID — Lists the ID for this device's upload.
    • Order number — Lists the selected device's system assign order number and the date the order occurred.
    • Uploaded — Lists a date stamp when the device was added as a Knox Configure managed device and who added it.
  4. Select VIEW DEVICE LOG for a configuration and profile assignment event history for the selected device.

    Device log

  5. Refer to the following Device log information for the selected Knox Configure managed device:

    • STATUS — Lists the configuration or profile assignment activity logged on behalf of the selected device.
    • EVENT — Lists the specific device configuration or profile assignment event logged on behalf of the selected device. Errors and warnings can display selectable links to review the error or warning event in greater detail. If necessary, select the VIEW APPLIED PROFILE button to auto-navigate to Profile information screen where details of the selected device's applied profile can be reviewed.
    • TIME — Lists a date stamp when the displayed event occurred.
    • EXPORT TO CSV — Optionally select this option to archive the device log file in CSV format.
  6. Select OK to return to the selected device's Device details screen.