Assign and deploy a profile to a device

Using a web-based console, IT Admins create profiles with the device settings, restrictions, apps, and other content to deploy to groups of devices. After devices have been successfully enrolled into the enterprise, they receive device profiles via Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Once a profile is configured, it can be assigned to specific Knox Configure managed devices. Device assignment is the final step in the configuration process, though devices can be locked by carriers and resellers post deployment. Additionally, each Knox Configure managed device has its own Device details and Device log screens to assess its current configuration and event history. For more information, go to: Review device details and device logs.

Assign devices

Available devices display within the Devices screen, within the DEVICES tab. Unassigned devices available for profile assignment are designated as Unassigned within the STATUS column. To list all devices, regardless of their state, refer to the CLEAR FILTER option at the bottom of the STATUS column drop-down menu. Select target devices to receive a specific profile as needed.

The Devices screen contains the following two tabs:

  • UPLOADS — View devices organized by reseller uploads. Approve uploads and assign profiles as needed for specific deployments. Manage tags for logical sorting and filtering or export device uploads to a CSV file format for archive. If necessary, use the UPLOADS tab Search function to search for individual reseller names. Only the reseller name is a searchable parameter within this screen.
  • DEVICES — View all device uploads in their various profile assignment states. Optionally, you can search with various filters. Enterprise edition devices will have an EE icon appended to them. If necessary, use the DEVICES tab Search function to search for individual DEVICE IDs, PROFILES, MODELS and TAGS.
NOTE - The ability to submit and push a profile update is only available to dynamic edition Knox Configure profiles. The device must also be in a configured state.
NOTE - If you would like to leave feedback to the Samsung Knox KC team about your device deployment experience, go to: Providing KC feedback.

Enroll devices using the Knox Configure portal

To enroll devices using Knox Configure:

NOTE - To reduce the labor required with large deployments, a device profile push can be completed by the end user pressing FINISH on their device, or after a 5 second auto-timer expiration. The device FINISH and RESTART buttons still display, but there is a 5 second timer underneath them to complete the action with less user input. If there is no user input after the 5 second timer countdown, the device screen automatically moves to the device home screen or restarts.
  1. Turn on the device and go through the device setup procedures.
  2. If you have not done so already, connect to a Wi-Fi network. Knox Configure prompts you to begin the device enrollment process.
  3. Tap Continue. Read the EULA and tap Agree to enroll the device.
  4. The following processes occur:
    • The device downloads the Knox Configure profile
    • If apps are in the profile, the device downloads and installs those apps
    • Knox Configure activates a license
    • The device downloads other required content
  5. When the device is successfully enrolled, a confirmation screen displays. If the device has been configured as a ProKiosk, a device reboot is required.