Create a profile

This section guides you through how to create a new profile for wearable devices. Once you create a new profile, you can then customize your profile to apply custom settings to your wearable devices.

To create a profile:

  1. Launch the Knox Configure Portal though the Samsung Knox dashboard.
  2. Select Profiles from the left-hand navigation menu.


  4. Select the device you'd like to customize: Click WEARABLE.
    • Ensure you select the appropriate device type. PHONE OR TABLET utilize different applications and settings than WEARABLE devices.
  5. Click Select under SETUP EDITION or DYNAMIC EDITION to specify the KC edition for the profile.
    • For a full listing of features available for each edition, select the Feature Comparison Table link.

NOTE — To date, if a device is configured and its assigned profile is changed, a profile push update is made regardless of the profile's edition (Setup or Dynamic). New rules are now in place to restrict Setup edition profiles from receiving a push update. A Dynamic profile can still push update another Dynamic edition profile, and a Setup edition profile can still push update a Dynamic edition profile. However, a Setup edition profile can no longer update another Setup edition profile, nor can a Dynamic edition profile push update a Setup edition profile.

Profile Information

This section describes inputting and retrieving basic wearable device profile information.

NOTE — The Knox Configure portal does not support these special characters (# / $ * % ^ & \ ( ) + ? { } [ ]). Ensure they are not utilized when inputting characters to create a device profile.

Select applications

The Select Applications tab allows you to upload select relevant Tizen based wearable device apps or custom watch face apps to utilize with your device profile. Additionally, you can also add apps that can be invoked after a hardware key is remapped.

For additional instructions of how to upload and add apps, read about the App management feature.

Tutorial Progress

You've completed 2/4 steps! Go to the next step and customize your Knox Configure profile for:

  1. Setup edition
  2. Dynamic edition: