Knox Capture

Set up and manage barcode capture for business apps with Samsung Knox Capture.

Powered by the secure Knox ecosystem, Knox Capture is a highly adaptable solution supporting scan logic for business apps. Use Knox Capture's intuitive UI and powerful scanning engine to manage the input, formatting, and output configuration of scanned barcode data, without writing a single line of code.

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Use Knox Capture to configure scanning in business apps for large deployments so users can quickly capture and input barcode data at the press of a button.



  • Swiftly leverage robust, reliable scanning technology with Knox Capture’s flexible and easy-to-configure platform.
  • Grow and adopt new workflows without scanner API integration.
  • Configure detailed, context-based scan functionality for business apps installed from the Google Play store.
  • Empower users to scan and process barcode data using the front or rear camera on select Samsung rugged devices.
  • Export and deploy Knox Capture configurations through email, NFC, QR code, or your EMM console.

Key features

  • Set up scanning for business apps—Set scanning for business apps by creating and applying Knox Capture profiles.
  • Capture data—Use a device’s camera to capture all major 1D and 2D barcode symbologies like UPC, Code 39, EAN, and QR.
  • Configure scanning logic—Customize scanning logic with settings like barcode type, camera zoom, and scanning mode.
  • Customize scanned data–Format scanned data for output by adding prefixes, suffixes, and Tab or Return keystrokes.
  • Output scanned data—Send scanned data to input fields like text boxes and drop-down menus in an app’s UI.
  • Test a scanning configuration—Test your scanning configuration before deployment in test mode.
  • Share and deploy Knox Capture configurations—Share a Knox Capture configuration with other devices via email, NFC, or QR code, or mass deploy a configuration through the EMM console.
  • Launch scanning at the click of a button—Activate camera scanning from business apps with a single press of a hardware key or button in the Samsung Keyboard.

Supported devices

For the most up-to-date list of devices that Knox Capture supports, see Devices Secured by Knox.

Supported countries

For a list of countries that Knox Capture currently supports, see Supported locations.


This guide is intended to:

  • Provide IT admins the information needed to configure device apps for capturing and consuming scanned data with the app's Admin mode UI.
  • Provide end users an overview of Knox Capture’s Managed mode and how to use the app to scan barcodes.

Get Started

IT admins: Getting started with Knox Capture

End users: Getting started with Knox Capture