Introducing Knox Capture

Knox Capture is an Android application that lets enterprise IT admins transform their organization's Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets into powerful barcode scanners that can read, process, and output barcode information into other applications, all without requiring additional hardware or writing a single line of code.


Smart Scan splash screen

Supported devices and countries

Knox Capture is only available for select Android devices, and in certain countries.

Unsupported devices

The following Samsung 32-bit devices are not supported by Knox Capture:

  • A series: A01, A02s, A03Core, A04s, A04s, A11, A13, A13-5G
  • F serieis: F02s, F13
  • M series: M02s, M01, M11, M13, M13-5G

What's new with Knox Capture

Stay up-to-date with the latest Knox Capture product information and content updates.

Latest release notes

Knox Capture v1.7 — March 31, 2023

Knox Capture v1.6 — November 24, 2022

Knox Capture v1.5 — April 27, 2022

Latest content updates


A new FAQ has been added to address an issue where Bluetooth hardware scanners would not work despite being paired.


Admin guide updates

The release of Knox Capture v1.7 introduced significant changes to the admin guide. Some of these changes include:

  • The Knox Capture: Scandit Edition documentation has been moved to its own folder.
  • A Knox Capture AR guide has been created to support the release of this exciting new feature.
  • The Features and How-it-work sections of the previous guide have been consolidated into a How-to guides section to help make finding information easier.