Getting started with Knox Capture


This topic describes how to capture and input barcode data. This topic describes the Knox Capture interface in Managed mode, and describes ways to customize and view the scan configuration defined by an IT admin.

Before you start

  • Ensure you have a supported device with Samsung Knox Capture installed.
  • Choose an app, like your company’s app or Samsung Internet, from which you’ll launch the scanner.

Step 1: Get familiar with the Knox Capture interface

Refer to this section to become familiar with the Knox Capture interface, learn how to configure the scan trigger button, and view the current configuration. To proceed directly into scanning, refer to Step 2: Launch a device app.

Knox Capture runs in the background when the device is on and manages the scanning of business apps based on a setup managed by your IT admin.

Open Knox Capture

The first time Knox Capture is launched, a prompt displays to view the Privacy Policy and EULA terms. After reviewing the terms, tap Agree to move to the home screen.

NOTE—The terms and conditions page only displays the first time Knox Capture is launched. If previously launched from another device app, and the terms and conditions were approved in that context, then this page will not display again. Additionally, you may be re-prompted to accept the terms and conditions if your IT admin has recently upgraded Knox Capture to a trial or paid license.

Home screen

The home screen features the Camera scan triggers menu. An expandable menu to the right of the Camera scan triggers label provides options to view the current configuration, access support, and review the About Knox Capture page.

main page of managed mode

Camera scanning trigger

Use the Knox Capture interface to configure the camera's scan trigger. For instructions on customizing the scan trigger, refer to Set the camera scan trigger.

NOTE—The camera scan trigger option might be disabled depending on how the IT admin configured the hardware keys on the device.

Current configuration

Consider interacting with the Knox Capture interface to view the current scan configuration and review how scanning has configured on the device.

To review the current configuration:

  1. Expand the menu to the right of the Camera scan trigger label and tap View current configuration.
Expanded 'more actions' menu
  1. A list of the scanning profiles displays. For more information on how Knox Capture uses profiles, refer to How it works.
managed mode current configuration profiles list
  1. To review a profile settings, tap the profile's name. The following displays for the selected profile:
  • Applications—A list of device applications managed by the profile. Tap the app name to see which of the app's Android activities belong to the current profile. For more information, refer to Apps and activities.
  • Scanner type—Tap the camera scanner to view IT admin-configured settings such as barcode types and camera zoom. To learn more, refer to Scan engine settings.
  • Keystroke output—These are the rules configured to process and format scanned barcode data before it is sent to an app as keystrokes. For more information on these rules, refer to Keystroke output.

    managed mode example profile settings

Step 2: Launch a device app

Before scanning, first open an app and tap an input field, such as a form, so Knox Capture knows where to send the scanned data. In the following example, the Samsung Internet app is used.

  1. Launch the app.
  1. Tap on an input. In the following example, the Google search input is selected.
Samsung internet main Google page Samsung internet, Google search input selected

Step 3: Trigger the scanner

Next, press the hardware key set up to trigger the camera scanner. By default, the trigger is the push-to-talk key located on the left side of the Galaxy XCover Pro. To configure the camera trigger, go to Set your camera scanning trigger.

NOTE—If you want to be able to launch the scanner from your keyboard, go to your device settings and set the Samsung Keyboard as default. In the Samsung Keyboard, the key that triggers a camera scan is .

Knox Capture launches the device camera and scanning can begin.

Step 4: Scan

NOTE—The scanning experience may differ depending on the current configuration. For more information on scan engine settings, review the configuration in the Knox Capture app or refer to Scan engine settings.

generic code39 barcode example

Point the camera at the barcode above for the camera to focus on the barcode. The following illustrates what you will see:

camera scan ui

After focusing on a barcode, Knox Capture automatically scans it and processes the captured data.

Step 5: View the scanned data

After processing the captured barcode data, Knox Capture sends it back to the app that triggered scanning. Data populates the Google search input selected in Step 2: Launch a device app.

scanned barcode data output in business app

If the current configuration includes keystroke output rules, then the results of those rules display now. For example, if the IT admin created a rule to append a Tab key event, then the cursor will advance to the next cell in the spreadsheet after outputting the scanned data. For more information, refer to Keystroke output.


You are now familiar with the Knox Capture interface and can trigger and scan barcodes with a simple key press. You should also be able to select the camera scanning trigger and view the Knox Capture configuration set by the IT admin.

Further reading