Step 8: Deploy Knox Capture in Managed mode

NOTE - If using the free version of the app, refer to Sharing configurations on a per-device basis for deployment instructions.

Having completed the steps in this admin tutorial, you have now configured a basic Knox Capture configuration and exported it as an email attachment. Obtain the license key to mass deploy the app in Managed mode from your EMM console.

An actual deployment varies depending on the EMM provider, but it should generally resemble the following:

  1. Add the Knox Capture app to your Managed Google Play Store.
  2. Assign the app to a group or organization and launch the app configuration dialog. In a typical console, the app configuration dialog opens as a pop-up window or modal.
  3. Activate the license by pasting it into the field within the app configuration (App Config) screen.
  4. Copy and paste the exported configuration into the provided app configuration field. Adding a configuration to Managed Google Play is the only step necessary to ensure all devices installing the app operate in Managed mode. However, if your 100 free scans have been exceeded, then the license needs to be pushed as well.
    Refer to the below table for details on the configuration data:

    Configuration key

    Configuration type

    Configuration value



    Knox license key



    Exported configuration data from Knox Capture

  5. Save the updated settings and deploy.


You have now completed a typical Knox Capture workflow for IT admins, and have been introduced to configuring and deploying the app to managed devices. For more information, browse the FAQs for quick tips on licensing and app features, and review End users: Getting started with Knox Capture to understand how end users operate Knox Capture.

For additional information on Knox Capture's interface modes, refer to How it works.

For additional information on deploying a configuration, refer to Deployment.

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