Scanned data sent to browser or web app through keystroke output


  • Knox Capture
  • Company-owned devices with a work profile


Certain company-owned devices with a work profile might encounter an issue where barcode data sent through keystroke output is delivered to a browser or web app instead of the business app.


With recent improvements to company-owned devices with a work profile, a change was made to the way web apps — apps delivered through the browser instead of natively on Android — handle text view focus after scanning. On devices running Android 10 and lower, the text view is already in focus when scanned data returns to the business app. This focus behavior is no longer required with company-owned devices with a work profile running Android 11 and higher.


To handle this change, you must enable the Allow remote control policy in your EMM to allow Knox Capture to restore focus to the text view. You only need to enable this policy if you've activated a Knox Platform for Enterprise Premium license.