Knox Capture uses a simple EMM-based deployment model.

Deploying through an EMM

To deploy Knox Capture with a custom scanning configuration across a fleet of devices, set the scan configuration and use the EMM console to add it to Knox Capture's App Config in Managed Google Play. Doing so ensures devices that install the app display it in Managed mode.

Deployment varies depending on the EMM provider, but should resemble the following flow:

  1. Install Knox Capture on an admin device, configure the app, and export the configuration as a text file. For more information, refer to IT admins: Getting started with Knox Capture for instructions.
  2. Add the Knox Capture app to your Managed Google Play Store.
  3. Assign the app to a group or organization and launch the app configuration dialog. In most consoles, the app configuration (or App Config) dialog opens as a pop-up window or modal.
  4. Activate your license.
  5. Copy and paste the text of the exported Knox Capture configuration into the provided configuration field. Adding a configuration to Managed Google Play is the only step necessary to ensure all devices that install the app operate in Managed mode. Optionally hide the app on managed devices since Knox Capture manages scanning for business apps in the background.
  6. Save the updated settings and deploy.

NOTE - If you do not add a configuration for Knox Capture in Managed Google Play when updating a license key, the app operates according to its previous configuration. For example, a device with an existing scan configuration will continue to operate in Managed mode after updating the license key. However, a new device without an existing configuration will operate in Admin mode. To ensure all devices operate in Managed mode, prepare and include the configuration each time you add or modify the app within the EMM console.

Sharing configurations on a per-device basis

Share Knox Capture configurations on a per-device basis to quickly share scan logic between devices with the app installed in Admin mode. You can use this method when testing the free version of the app.

  1. Ensure Knox Capture is already installed on the device(s) importing the configuration.
  2. Share the new configuration with the device(s) by:
    1. Sharing the configuration through near-field communication (NFC) or Nearby Share
    2. Exporting the configuration as a file or QR code and importing it onto the receiving device(s)

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