Apps and activities

Each Knox Capture profile supports a set of apps to which its scanner and keystroke output settings apply. Optionally set more refined control over each scanning context within an app by associating individual Android activities with different Knox Capture profiles.

A user interacts with an Android activity within an app’s UI, such as a user data form or search input. Refer to the Android developer documentation for more information about activities.

Depending on deployment requirements, consider configuring one profile for all apps.

Or, set up a unique profile for each device app.

Or, associate a group of apps or activities with one profile. For example, within the same app, consider associating:

  • A user data form with one profile that appends a Tab key event to scanned data
  • A search input field with a profile that appends an Enter key event

NOTE - A single profile can have numerous apps or activities, but a single activity can only belong to one profile.

For instructions on adding activities, refer to Add activities to a profile.