Use the scanner overlay

How it works

For device users who want to use Knox Capture's scan functionality concurrently with business apps, a scanner overlay is available. This feature enables users to immediately see data entered into the app field.

Functionally, the scanner overlay works much like the full-screen scanner. When the device user aims the camera at the barcode, Knox Capture sends the scanned data to the business app depending on whether single scan or multi-scan mode is enabled, and how Barcode selection is configured.

For descriptions of the available Barcode selection options, see:

Set up the scanner overlay

To enable the scanner overlay in Admin or Managed mode:

  1. On the Knox Capture homepage, next to Profiles, tap > Scanner overlay.
  2. Turn on the overlay.

When you launch the scanner overlay for the first time, follow the on-screen tutorial to learn basic interactions to take with it. You can:

  • Drag the top bar to reposition it.
  • Drag the corners to resize it.
  • Tap the X in the top-right corner to close it.

By default, the overlay appears at the top of the screen. Any size or position adjustments you make to it are saved for future scanning sessions.